Five Awesome Tips when Storing Wood

If you spend a lot of time with woodwork, you will begin to build up a supply of extra and scrap wood. You may choose to place some of them in a corner; however, when you gather more of them, you need to store them more systematically. An organized system helps you know exactly what you have every time you want to start off with a project. Because of this, any lumber yards Houston would want to give the following storage tips:

Don’t Leave the Wood Lying on the Floor

No matter the type of flooring you have, ensure you keep the wood off the floor. Usually, moisture will see up through the floor and the wood absorbs it, causing undesirable results over time like quality degradation and warping. It is best to keep the wood on shelves or build a shelving system which provides lots of storage options. This way, you can keep your lumber organized. Also, think about placing the wood in the rafters, on vertical racks, or under the workbench.

Establish an Inventory System

In order to keep your lumber organized, you need to have a kind of lumber organization system and inventory. This involves organization your wood by dimensions, kinds, and size. When storing lumber on shelving, mark down the length, width, and thickness or other combination of useful information. This allows you to choose some sizes of lumber without going back through and measuring everything again.

Store the Wood with a Protective Sheet

A protective cover can let your wood stay free of any damage while being stored. For instance, it can protect the wood against debris and dust or prevent the finish from becoming dull. Using this protective cover keeps your wood clean and shiny.  But, don’t choose plastic protective cover since this can lead to condensation within. Condensation can cause the wood to swell and warp. Rather, choose some blankets.

Polish Before you Store the Wood

As wood dries out, it can crack and show some flaws. But, you can prevent this by polishing the wood. This provides it some extra moisture that can prevent the wood from drying out completely.

Store Lumber Vertically

AS long as you are storing dry wood, storing it vertically will not affect its condition. But, it should be raised off the ground and supported at the bottom and top to prevent bowing. You can store smaller pieces of wood in a lumber cart.

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