5 Mistakes to Avoid When Removing a Tree

Despite the fact that trees provide us with essential shading, there are times when they need to be removed, which might be for safety reasons, or to make way for a new build or extension. Of course, removing a tree of any substantial size carries an element of risk to both people and property, and with that in mind, here are some common mistakes to avoid when looking to remove a tree from your property.

  • Taking on the Job Yourself – If it is a small palm tree or something similar, then theres no reason why you can take down the tree yourself, yet of the tree is in danger of damaging nearby property, you are advised to call in a professional tree surgeon in Perth, who would have the know-how and the equipment to safely remove the tree. You might think that attaching a rope to the top section of the tree will ensure that it falls in the right place, yet the sheer weight can make the tree fall in the opposite direction, which could be disastrous.
  • Failing to Cordon Off the Area – Taking down a tree section by section does involve a risk that something on the ground will be damaged, so you ned to rope off the area and have at least one person who is tasked with ensuring that no one enters the area once the work begins.
  • Felling the Tree is a Single Action – We have all seen how the tree surgeon makes a wedge cut in the tree, then makes a cut at the back that eventually send the tree crashing to the ground, and while this might look easy, there is a lot of skill required to calculate exactly where the tree will fall, and it is easy for the tree to spin on its axis and come down where you least expect it to. The weight distribution is a critical aspect of felling a tree; get that wrong and the tree could come crashing down on your house.
  • Hiring an Unqualified Tree Surgeon – There are those who offer tree surgery services at unusually low prices, yet they are not qualified to carry out such dangerous work, and these people like to approach homeowners and tell them a certain tree is in danger of falling, while also offering to remove the tree for a very cheap price.
  • Removing a Tree Without Seeking Local Government Permission – In the event you remove a large tree that is native to Australia, you could be up for paying a very heavy fine. Just because a tree is on your property, that doesn’t mean you can remove it, and the laws do vary from state to state. Before doing anything, ask a qualified tree surgeon to examine the tree and he would know all about permits and would ensure that you obtain the relevant permission to remove the tree.

It might look easy to remove a tree, but there are serious risks involved, so rather than attempting to do this yourself, you are strongly advised to call in a local arborist who can give you a professional opinion and carry out the work safely without breaking any laws.

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