All That You Must Know About Carpenter Ant Biting

In case, the nest of carpenter ants is disturbed then in self defence they may bite too. Their bites can break your skin and can also be quite painful. When they bite, a defensive chemical called formic acid is sprayed which can increase pain.

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Following are two reasons why carpenter ants may bite you

  1. If they feel threatened then as a defensive strategy, they may bite
  2. If their nests are disturbed or destroyed by anyone then too, they may bite

When any carpenter ant bites then you may get following sensation:

  • The victim who is bitten by carpenter ant will feel an etching sensation
  • It can be quite painful
  • Burning sensation will be felt
  • They also break the skin sometimes
  • Depending upon the type, size and severity of bite the pain will be felt.

Following are the symptoms of the carpenter ant biting.

  • Carpenter ants are available in different size and depending upon their size the bite mark will appear
  • Usually, the mark of the bite is pea size
  • Their bite will create a blemish on your skin or the skin may get red when carpenter ant bites
  • There will be inflammation on the skin and it will get swollen a bit

Usually carpenter ants do not bite but when they bite it can be quite painful but not so poisonous. So, it will not produce any long-term health issues. They just spread a formic acid which is not infectious. However, in certain cases if the sensation of pain continues for longer then it can be dangerous and medical treatment will be necessary. Person will feel constant irritation and etching. However, it does not cause any major health problem.

How to treat for carpenter bite?

  • Wash the bitten area with soap and water

Due to spread of formic acid the etching sensation may continue. Therefore, the affected area must be washed with antibiotic soap. If the skin is broken then it must be bandaged and avoid scratching on that area.

  • Apply ice

If the burning sensation becomes too unbearable then you can apply ice pack on the affected area for about 10 minutes.

  • Apply tropical cream

If above two actions do not provide sufficient relief then you must apply tropical cream.

If you still feel uncomfortable then you may consult a doctor.

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