Avoid Any Problem in Your Heat by Following Few Maintenance Tips

Like any other electrical home appliances, heat pump also needs to be regularly maintained in order to get best performance from them. Breakdown in any electrical appliances never come with any prior notice and with only regular maintenance, you can keep them healthy and in working order.

Therefore, if you follow the following tips for entretient de thermopompe, then you can get best out of your heat pump.

  • Check the outdoor unit

Make sure that all the wiring connections are very tight. Try to maintain cleanliness by using a vacuum cleaner. However, avoid using any pressure washer so that the fins may not get bent.

  • Check indoor units

Regularly clean all the visible areas so that it does not appear dirty.

  • Change the filters regularly

You must make it a point to replace the heat pump filter once a month regularly. In case, you are using the heat pump more often then you may have to increase the frequency of changing the filter. Also, it is better to check the condition of the filter so that you can see whether it really needs change. In case, you feel it needs change then you may do it.

  • Clean the coils

You must clean the outdoor coils with soapy water, whenever you notice them getting dirty. You must not allow any dust to build up on the coils so that system may get clogged due to that reason.

  • Keep foliage under check

If there are too much foliage has grown up or outdoor debris are deposited then it can prevent the smooth functioning of the heat pump. Make sure that the shrubs of the outside trees are touching the outdoor unit or there are lots of debris settled around the outdoor unit. Particularly after the occurrence of any dust storm, you must check the condition surrounding the outdoor unit and make sure that they are maintained in clean condition.

  • Clean the supply and return registers

Also, look at the indoor unit of the heat pump and try to keep the supply and return register perfectly clean. In case any fins are found to be bent then you can straighten them.

These are the few preventive maintenances that must be carried out regularly. This can certainly bring down your breakdown frequency however you cannot expect to totally eliminate. You can get it also regularly checked by any HVAC professionals too.

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