Give Your Home A Unique Look with Wide Plank Oak Flooring

Villas at Seminyak square are romantically beautiful, cosy and stylish with high-pitched ceiling, style lounge, lush garden featuring plants and flowers and a private swimming pool. Yet, while choosing the flooring, it is recommended to consider wide plank oak flooring.

Why wide plank oak flooring?

Wide plank oak flooring represents hardwood flooring installation and it exudes elegance that it becomes the focal point in a room. It looks adorable and the craftsmanship offers an appeal. Having a wide plank oak floor in business or a home reveals the dedication in choosing this floor.

Some wide plank aesthetic features:

  • Wide plank oak flooring presents a classic style, besides being trendy. The colonial times had hardwood floors, but they were different from today’s groove strip floors. The colonial time floors were thick wide planks cut from old-growth abundant forests. The trees age was apparent from the tight-grain that made the lumber more durable and harder.

That’s the reason that the old hardwood floors of the 18th century exist even today in old colonial homes. Thus, installing or choosing to install – choose your wide plank oak flooring, so that it gives you the old-world high-end feel.

  • The wide plank wood makes the rooms look appear larger. Wide planks oak flooring comes with fewer seams offering a natural look that the beauty is in its graining. In fact, you can also mix the wide planks and match it with strip planks to have a customized look. Varying the floor planks refers to the 18th century times when the Walnut hardwood wide planks were alternated with Maple narrow planks.

Historically, varying the width floor was done to utilize the trees lumber efficiently. However, today, it is the most desired style choice offering home a unique look.

Technical features

Knowing the technical features helps in choosing the proper flooring. Here are few of the details:

  • The solid hardwood floors ensure proper installation only if they are ¾” at least thick.
  • Any flooring more than 4” should be glued and stapled. This is because; the wider plank requires higher adhesive coverage during installation, as per industry standards.
  • Buy any wide plank wood species. This may include domestic hardwoods such as Maple and Oak or even the Acacia and Brazilian Teak, the beautiful exotics. All it depends is on the resources and availability.

Eventually, remember the wide plank flooring key feature, the graining pattern. The grains on the strip flooring are small, but with wide plank oak flooring, it is natural showing unique variation, making the floor appealing.

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