Moving Out When Remodeling – Yes Or No?

So, is moving out when remodeling a good idea? There are many factors that can tilt the answer to either side. Firstly, the process of moving is a rather complicated one and it usually brings a lot of stress with itself. Hiring a moving company is something that you will probably have to do and finding a good moving company is not easy. Furthermore, you have to take care of your belongings properly while packing them, which is something that you will have to do. Planning a remodeling of your home is also something that requires a lot of time and effort. Remodeling a house or an apartment can mean a lot of things. You may be renovating your children’s room, or you may be renovating your entire home.

Moving out when remodeling can a good idea depending on situation
Whether you are moving away or not, decide that before the remodeling starts

Planning a move properly is very important and you will have to obtain the right packing materials and make an inventory list of all of your belongings and that is something that is simply a given. It may take a lot of time, but it can also be the only real solution. Just picture this image in your mind: You have two kids of around 10 years of age and a baby of a couple of months. For whatever reason, you had to remodel your home. Throughout the day there is constant drilling all over the place. The workers are calling each other every couple of minutes. Something falls and the sound echoes through the house. Moving out when remodeling is a big expense added to what is already probably a list of big expenses. However, sometimes it may be your only choice.

So, what are your options?

Well, there are two of them obviously. It is either staying home or moving out when remodeling. Each of these options has their own particular set of upsides and downsides and we are here to help you get a hold of them both, so you can make an informed decision.

Staying at home when remodeling

There are several reasons why you should stay at home, and we have narrowed the list down to the two most important ones.

You will be able to check out on the progress every day

If you choose to stay at home for the duration of the remodeling you can control what is happening in your home. Now, you probably don’t want to be an intruder and be more unhelpful than helpful by being overprotective and anxious in dealing with the workers. Still, being there is a very good thing. For instance, if you hired an inside designeryou can see how things are going. Are there any particular parts of our place that the workers are going about the wrong way? You can draw their attention to this right away. This can prove to be crucial as you can save yourself of additional costs of redoing what went wrong.

painting a wooden board with a paintbrush
You will be able to check the progress first hand if you stay home

Saving money is a really important factor when remodeling

Of course, you do not want to be cheap when making your home an ideal one. Investing in a home is never a bad idea; you just have to be smart and reasonable about it. So, when dealing with a remodeling budget, you don’t need additional costs such as paying rent. If you decide that moving out when remodeling is a good idea then you will probably have to pay rent. If there is an option of moving to your parents’ house, for the time being, that is great. But, if you have to move to a hotel or rent an apartment, then your expenses will surely be going to rise.

Depending on which part of your home you are remodeling, you can save more or less money. If, for instance, you are remodeling your kitchen, then you will probably have to eat somewhere else, as you won’t be able to use it. That means that you will have to eat someplace else, probably in a restaurant of sorts. Eating in restaurants is, of course, a lot more expensive than actually preparing food yourself. However, if you are renovating your top floor and your kitchen is on the ground floor, you won’t have to worry about that.

Moving out when remodeling

Choosing to stay at home while the remodeling process goes on can be a perfectly good choice. However, choosing to move away while this is happening also has its benefits.

You can go on with your life (kind of) uninterrupted

If you opt for moving out when remodeling, you can actually continue on with your life quite comfortably. The best option is probably to move to your parents or even friends home, as that will cut down your expenses significantly. However, if you have to rent an apartment or a house, that can also be a really good thing. Your life will be thrown out of balance a bit, but at least you will have your peace of mind this way. If you are working from home, this can be really important, since there will surely be a lot of noise there.

a house with white walls and blue roof
If you choose to move away, once you return to your home it will be like moving into a new house that you know

If you choose to move away, once you return to your home it will be like moving into a new house that you know / alt: a house with white walls and blue roof.

That is why hiring a good moving company like Wolley Movers Chicago may be something that you should do as soon as the preparations for remodeling begin. They can help out not just with moving, but also with advice on what things should you take with you. Also, it can even be cheaper this way. Why? Well, some contractors actually have a policy of requiring more money in case of families staying at home.

You can avoid all the mess and everything else remodeling entails, like health risks

Another important reason why moving out when remodeling is a good idea is avoiding all the mess. If you are doing a makeover of your entire house, then there is surely going to be a lot of things happening there. Your entire house will be in a state of chaos, that is for sure. If you choose to stay away, you won’t have to deal with that until after the remodeling is over.

Furthermore, it can also be risky for your health due to all the potential fumes, dust etc. More importantly, this can be really dangerous for kids in particular. They could touch something that they are not supposed to, or hurt themselves in another way. Also, staying at home can be extremely dangerous for people with breathing conditions like asthma or bronchitis.

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