Roofing Warranty Information For Home Proprietors

Roofing Warranties

Considering the current warranty alterations in the roofing industry I figured the house proprietors can use just a little help comprehending the new warranty system. Pre 2011 we used to consult shingles as 30, 40 or 50 year (lifetime) shingles. By 2011 the whole roofing industry shifted to a different warranty system known as limited lifetime shingles. Now all laminated asphalt shingles are handled by a restricted 50 year warranty.

Its important to understand this warranty method for the consumer, and merely as vital to be aware what it doesn’t mean. Once the change was initially made many roofing companies lost selling the brand new lifetime warranty, “a supposed 50 year warranty” that will cover your homes roof forever. Regrettably there will be many disappointed home proprietors that realize the falsehood of individuals claims when they attempt to process a guarantee claim twenty years in to the roofs existence. They’ll uncover their warranties value started to depreciate ten years following the roof was installed. Let us check out what roofing warranties do and don’t include so that you can make an educated choice around the coverage of the roof.

There’s a couple of what exactly you need to think about when selecting a roofing warranty.

1) How lengthy will the warranty cover my roof

2) What’s the period of time the warranty covers my roof with 100% (non-prorated) coverage

3) What aspects of the roofing system will the warranty cover?

4) May be the warranty transferable if you choose to sell your house therefore what is the fee involved?

Within the warranty world there’s two groups

1) The manufacturer’s warranty

2) The workmanship warranty.

The Workmanship Warranty: This warranty is supplied through the roofer find and guarantees proper installing of the roofing system. Every roofer can provide various kinds of workmanship warranties varying from 5-half a century with respect to the kind of material they install in your roof. The more the workmanship warranty the more your homes roof is protected against workmanship errors that may occur during installation. Within the condition of Washington every roofer takes place by condition law to ensure their make use of a 5 year labor/workmanship warranty. That’s essential for homeowners to understand. Some roofers offer extended workmanship warranties in an additional cost. Consult with your potential roofer which kind of labor warranties they provide. Make sure to check how lengthy the contractor has been around business, which means you know they’ve been around lengthy enough to possess a good reputation for honoring their warranties.

Standard Material Warranty: A typical material warranty is fundamental protection for the roofing system supplied by the maker.


-ten years of 100% non-pro-rated coverage/50 year limited lifetime shingle on material and manufacturing defects.

– A GAF certified contractor isn’t needed to set up your homes roof to acquire this warranty.

-The price of labor to exchange shingles.

-Doesn’t include: tear-off costs, roof accessories, dump charges, provides a producer labor warranty, factory inspection.

Systems Plus Warranty: The Systems Plus Weather Stopper Warranty is really a “complete roofing system” upgraded warranty supplied by the maker.

– Includes:

– half a century of 100% non pro-rated coverage on material and manufacturing defects.

– two year manufacturer backed workmanship warranty guaranteeing proper installation.

– tear-off & labor to exchange shingles.

– Requires using GAF shingles and three GAF system components.

– A GAF certified roofer must carry out the installation to be eligible for a this warranty.

Doesn’t include: dump charges, factory inspection.

Golden Pledge Warranty: This is actually the greatest degree of roofing warranty available in the market today.


– half a century of 100% non pro-rated coverage on material and manufacturing defects.

– twenty-five year manufacturer backed workmanship warranty guaranteeing proper installation.

– tear-off, dump charges, and labor to exchange shingles.

– Requires using GAF shingles and all sorts of GAF roofing system components.

– Requires special application and additional materials.

– A GAF certified Master Elite contractor must carry out the installation to be eligible for a this warranty

– Exclusive 40 point factory inspection by GAF representative.

Other roofing manufacturers have much the same warranty programs, but this gives you a concept of the options you’ve when picking out the kind of warranty you decide to safeguard neglect the of the new roof system.

From the contractor and homeowners’ perspective I recommend investing a bit more money in advance, and saving 1000s of dollars within the a long time by upgrading your homes roof warranty.

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